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Various Downloads

This page will contain some usefull downloads, from Half-Life downloads, to general downloads.

Half-Life Related Downloads:

-::Valve Hammer Editor 3.4::-
Half-Life's Level Editor. Used to make maps.

-::Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 (.exe only)::-
Update for Hammer, adds model support to your maps (you can see the actual models in Hammer).

-::Worldcraft 3.0::-
Also a Level Editor. Predecessor of Hammer 3.4.

-::Worldcraft 2.1::-
Oldest Level Editor. Predecessor of Worldcraft 3.0 (Not a recommended download).

-::FGD for Half-Life - Hammer 3.5::-
-::FGD for Half-Life (Fixed) - Hammer 3.0 to 3.4::-

-::FGD for Opposing Force (Fixed) - Hammer 3.0 to 3.4::-
-::FGD for Opposing Force (Fixed) - Hammer 2.0 to 2.9::-

-::Expert FGD for Counter-Strike - Hammer 3.4 to 3.5::-
-::FGD for Counter-Strike - Hammer 3.0 to 3.4::-
-::FGD for Counter-Strike - Hammer 2.0 to 2.9::-

-::FGD for Team Fortress Classic (No model rendering) - Hammer 2.0 to 3.5::-

-::FGD for Day of Defeat - Hammer 3.5::-

-::FGD for Deathmatch Classic - Hammer 2.0 to 2.9)::-
-::FGD for Deathmatch Classic (No model rendering) - Hammer 3.0 to 3.5::-

-::FGD for Ricochet (No model rendering) - Hammer 3.0 to 3.5)::-
-::FGD for Ricochet - Hammer 2.0 to 2.9)::-

-::Zoners Half-Life Tools 3.4 32-bit::-
Half-Life Compile Tools, for 32-bit OS's only.

-::Zoners Half-Life Tools 3.4 64-bit::-
Half-Life Compile Tools, for 64-bit OS's only.

-::Super Half-Life Tools 3.9::-
Super Half-Life Compile Tools, for 32-bit, 32-bit SSE and 64-bit OS's. Also includes source code and a fgd file with a new entity. Read readme.txt before using. Compatible with the Compilator.

-::HLFix 0.81b::-
HLFix is a tool that converts Worldcraft/VHE format files (.rmf) to standard .map files. In the process, it performs a number of geometric operations to fix common problems with brush geometry. HLFix is far more sophisticated than VHE's built-in map export feature.

-::The Compilator Version 1.0.2, includes ZHLT 3.4::-
My own front end compiler. Info here and here.

-::The Compilator Version 1.0.2, without ZHLT 3.4::-
Same as above, without ZHLT 3.4

-::Transparency dll's for WON Half-Life (V
Put these in your WON Half-Life root directory to enable transparant models.

-::Transparency dll's for Steam Half-Life::-
Same as above, but for Steam Half-Life instead. Put these in your Steam Half-Life root directory.

A commandline application to decompile GoldSource bsp maps. Usefull if you want to see how something is done. Do not steal other people's work!

An application that allows you to extract textures from GoldSource bsp files. Like BSPTwoMAP, do not steal other people's work!

Pak file explorer and builder. Also alows you to play the wav files.

-::Sprite Explorer::-
Sprite Explorer utility. Also allows you to make your own sprites.

-::Sprite Wizard::-
Utility to created sprite, pretty easy to uses.

-::Sprite Fixer::-
Allows you to lock the sprite on Z axis, so that it only rotate horizontally.

Utility to adjust the brightess for a given map. Source included.

-::Terrain Generator::-
Utility to generate terrain.

-::Random Map Creator::-
Generates random maps.

-::Leak Marker::-
Leak finding utility.

-::EnIgMa's FGD Creator::-
Utility to create your own FGD's for your mod.

-::Studio Model Compiler GUI::-
GUI to ease the process of compiling your models (studiomdl.exe included).

-::Half-Life Model Viewer::-
Jed's improved Half-Life model viewer.

-::Fixed Steam HD Pack::-
Fixed Half-Life High Definition Pack for Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift: Unlocked

Texture editting program, .wad builder and .pak file browser.

-::Cached.wad and gfx.wad SDK::-
Rare item! Allows you to create your own Console background, edit HL's fonts and the LOADING/PAUZED text. See readme's for more info.

A tool to design complicated shapes for use in Hammer. Read its readme.txt for more info.

Utility to create .res files.

-::Half-Life Software Developement Kit 2.3::-
Half-Life's Source Code. Written in C++.

-::Half-Life Update Patch

This patch updates any version of Won HL to which is the latest Won version. (80 MB!)