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Space Shuttle STS-121 Launch - Project page

Project Info:

Space Shuttle STS-121 Launch is a mod for Half-Life 2.

The mod will show the entire preperation process when a Shuttle launches. These processes are devided into four chapters which are:

- Assembly. See how the External Tank, Solid Rocket Boosters and the Orbiter are being stacked on the Mobile Launcher Platform in the Vehicle Assembly Building and made ready for...
- Rollout. See how the Crawler-Transporter transports the entire Shuttle stack along the Crawlerway to the Launch Pad.
- SSME Test Fire. Test firing of the Space Shuttle Main Engines.
- Launch. The Launch. From T-Minus 5 minutes and counting to SRB seperation.

Of course, some events, like the Rollout, will have a timelapse. The average trip time from the VAB along the Crawlerway to the launchpad is about five hours, now, thats too long, so that is why im relying on a timelapse.

The mod will be cinematic only, so there's no combat and the player won't be able to control the main character of Half-Life 2 (Gordon Freeman). Instead, the entire mod will shown through point_camera's and monitor_screens.

Project Status:

Title: Space Shuttle STS-121 Launch
Type: Cinematic
Format: Source Mod
Project Status: Working title


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