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Half-Life: Uplink Extended - Project page

Project Info:

My personal remake of the original Uplink, also known as the Half-Life Demo. I did this remake because i really enjoyed the original Uplink, because it was my first ever "Half-Life" experience. I also love the atmosphere storyline. Since im a mapper, i always look at other people's mapping. In this case, Valve's mapping. So i decided to make my own version of Uplink with the addition of more interesting looking architecture and a high level of detail. Gameplay and entity work is still pretty much the same except for a couple of changes and additions here and there, but i wanted to maintain Valve's original style of architecture.

Everything is build from scratch. So, if you enjoyed the orginal Uplink, you gotta love my remake. ;-) Check out the Readme file for more information.

Tip: Don't waste your ammo! Ammo clips and mp5 give you less ammunition then normally.

IMPORTANT! This mod is best played without the HD pack that came with Blue Shift. So, play this with the default LD models.


Project Status:

Title: Half-Life: Uplink Extended
Type: Singleplayer
Format: Half-Life Mod
Project Status: Released!


Get your copy of Half-Life: Uplink Extended here:

- Half-Life: Uplink Extended Version 1.1